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About The Hughson Gallery

Hughson Gallery has been ‘dark’ now since the end of 2011: exhibitions have been abandoned in favour of travelling and of being ‘elsewhere’ – catching up on exciting new galleries such as the Turner Contemporary in Margate and the wonderful new Soulages museum in Rodez, France; finding time to seek out the work of architects such as Richard Meier, not represented in Britain, but fascinating to someone who has always been interested in abstraction, beginning with the work of Mondrian and de Stijl.

When the gallery was set up in 1986, operating privately and part-time, our children were very young and we had a severe case of ME in the family. Staying close to base was unavoidable. Perhaps I didn’t then envisage that the gallery would last for twenty five years; but it did allow me to curate exhibitions such as the first retrospective of Margot Sandeman’s painting, and a ten-year retrospective of Philip Reeves’ work, both at the Lillie Gallery. It gave me time also to work with Prof. Richard Demarco and George Wyllie on the Burns, Beuys and Beyond symposium for Glasgow’s Year of Culture celebrations in 1990; and allowed me to take time out to work with Prof. Merilyn Smith on her Cutty Stool project for St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. When Clair Pace asked me to consider extending the number of artists based in Scotland and represented in the New Hall Art Collection in Cambridge, I was able to do it, and proud and pleased to have introduced some thirty new names to the Collection. Talent-spotting has become an enjoyable habit as a result, and I am currently enthused by the prints of Bronwen Sleigh and Rachel Duckhouse.

Meanwhile I have undertaken to manage Dorothy Dick’s sculpture studio and gallery in Scourie, Sutherland – a remote and beautiful corner of the British Isles to which many devotees return each summer. New developments in this direction should never be ruled out! Meanwhile, this site refers now only to artists whose work is held in stock.

You can view a list of past exhibitions at Hughson Gallery.