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Last year’s exhibition at Hughson Gallery – Geoffrey Lefever – emphasized the considerable role of drawing in the evolution of Lefever’s paintings, and at the same time the original and innovative nature of the drawings themselves.

This year’s exhibition is all about drawing. The gallery is delighted to have the opportunity to introduce Charles Poulsen’s work in advance of a major exhibition in 2017 at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre, where he and his wife, textile artist Pauline Burbidge, will show in tandem.

Poulsen first turned his creative energies to large-scale drawings in 2010, and he hasn’t stopped drawing since then. What we are able to show in this exhibition is but a small selection from his total output over six years. For those who like to leave traditional imagery behind, the drawings are exhilarating and exciting works. (Please see the exhibition notes for more.)

Since taking over Dorothy Dick’s sculpture studio (based in Scourie, Sutherland) I have arranged for her work to be shown in Edinburgh, at the 2015 festival exhibition at The Nomad’s Tent, and in London at Islington’s Cross Street Gallery. also in 2015. These shows coincided with the publication of architect James Dunnett’s article on Dorothy, The battle between science and art in the online publication of PMSA. This summer, two new bronzes have been produced by Farquar Laing’s team at Black Isle Bronze, in Nairn, and these will be on show here, along with some carved works, this November.

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Hughson Gallery began in 1986, operating privately and showing on average three times a year. Exhibitions have also been curated in public galleries throughout this time, and other projects in the public domain have been undertaken. The gallery closed for a period at the end of 2011, having seen through the Sandeman family exhibition at the Lillie Gallery in Milngavie, and shown here the work of Margot Sandeman in collaboration with Ian Hamilton Finlay. Philip Reeves‘ eightieth birthday was celebrated, and the year ended with an exhibition of Rowena Comrie’s paintings.

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