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Charles Poulsen's drawings, shown here in November 2016 (HG’s last exhibition) were wonderful to live with, even if we had space for only six of the 132 cm square works. Unframed, they filled the space with a tactile and light-filled energy which was difficult at the end of three weeks to relinquish. Afterwards, when re-hanging, I found it almost impossible to re-adapt to glass, frames, and generally small scale images. Working on the publication Charles Poulsen Drawing during the early months of 2017 provided a thoroughly engrossing sequel to the exhibition. Charlie’s drawings are an important feature of Edinburgh’s City Art Centre exhibition Songs of Winter (Charles Poulsen & Pauline Burbidge) which runs until 4 March 2018. Do see it; it has been highly praised by critics.

In 2017 I encountered and became immediately interested in the art of Michael Craik, from Edinburgh. Based in Fife, he has a studio in Kinghorn which overlooks the Firth of Forth. Michael exhibits in Europe more than he does in Great Britain, although in June this year he will have a solo show at Zembla Gallery in Hawick, the brain-child of Brian and Lesley Robertson. His work will also be shown in Edinburgh ( &Gallery, Dundas Street ) 3 – 24 March. In April, he shows in Milan ( THECA Gallery ) and Dusseldorf ( Galerie Kirbach ); and in September he is in Cologne ( Galerie Schmidt & Schutte ). We just have to hope that there will be some work available for HG in November, to feature in a show of new work from Thomas Jacobi and Charles Poulsen.

There were great highlights in our 2017 travel diary. Damien Hirst’s Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable in Francois Pinault’s Venice galleries was truly amazing: wonderful to look at and full of humour. Koons had best count his blessings! But also the small exhibition in Basel of Richard Serra’s early videos was an unexpected treat. Matisse In the Studio at the RA was one of my favourite shows: a fascinating account of his use of both ceramics and African sculpture. On the architecture front we did some more Corbusier, visiting his last ambitious works, completed only in 2006, at Firminy Vert near St Etienne in France. The interior of the church of St Pierre I found truly incredible. Back in London, Amanda Levete's transformation of the V&A on Exhibition Road merits the best possible praise. The year finished with a visit to Hamburg and Herzog & de Meuron’s spectacular riverside presence, the Elbephilharmonie – scintillating in the autumn sunshine, its roofline echoing the rise and fall of a conductor’s baton. Yes!

Hastings Pier, alas, will have to wait…

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Hughson Gallery began in 1986, operating privately and showing on average three times a year. Exhibitions have also been curated in public galleries throughout this time, and other projects in the public domain have been undertaken. The gallery closed for a period at the end of 2011, having seen through the Sandeman family exhibition at the Lillie Gallery in Milngavie, and shown here the work of Margot Sandeman in collaboration with Ian Hamilton Finlay. Philip Reeves‘ eightieth birthday was celebrated, and the year ended with an exhibition of Rowena Comrie’s paintings.

Exhibitions since 2002.