Floorscape in Ink and Encrusted Stains
Floorscape in Ink and Encrusted Stains | 2015
ink on Chinese paper | 15 sections each 65 x 113 cm

First of all, the Chinese paper, especially made for ink rubbings, is wetted and applied to the surface of the object. Tissues and brushes are used to press the paper into the texture of the surface, until all details are covered and the paper starts drying.

Secondly, after the drying is complete, a dabber, made of cotton wool and covered with silk, is blackened with a few drops of Chinese ink and slightly pressed onto the paper. This is repeated like shading a drawing, but with vertical movements of the dabber, until all the details of the texture from underneath are visible.

When the ink is completely dry, the paper with the rubbing can be removed from the object.

Thomas Jacobi

Working on part C2Working on part C2Working on part C2Detail of A2Finished rubbing B4 on floorStains on part B3