10 October - 30 October 2005

Artist's Statement

…in a wobbly line we find the truth of pencil…
Roland Barthes (The Wisdom of Art, 1979)

My work explores an interest in drawing in its broadest sense: drawing as an act of touch where two materials meet, leaving imprints, incisions and shadows cast by light. Taking inspiration from memory and sense of place, in my current work I create processes which reflect my experience of the Zen Gardens of Japan. I repeatedly draw or dribble paint lines, exploring the tension between freedom and control, negative and positive, stillness and movement. When the work is interpreted in print, new processes create further layers of meaning : the drawn lines are deeply etched into copper plate and embossed onto paper, or the illusion of a textured, painterly surface is created on a flat, screen-printed surface and then stretched onto board.




  1. *Sunscript* (etched lithograph)
  2. *Moonscript* (etched lithograph)
  3. *Bamboo Groves* (etched lithograph)
  4. *Gold Circle* (etched lithograph)
  5. *Koln Imprint I* (embossed etching)
  6. *Koln Imprint II* (embossed etching)
  7. *Square-Imprint I* (embossed etching)
  8. *Square Imprint II* (embossed etching)
  9. *Untitled* (screenprint)
  10. *Movement I* (etched lithograph)*
  11. *Movement II* (etched lithograph)
  12. *Imprint III* (embossed etching)*
  13. *Imprint VI* (embossed etching)
  14. *Imprint* (embossed etching)
  15. *Imprint VII* (embossed etching)
  16. *Imprint IV* (embossed etching)
  17. *Water* (etched lithograph)
  18. *Bridge* (etched lithograph)
  19. *Curve I* (screenprint)
  20. *Curve II* (screenprint)
  21. *Circle II* (screenprint)
  22. *Inversion I* (screenprint)


  1. *Koln I* (gloss paint on incised paper)
  2. *Koln II* (gloss paint on incised paper)
  3. *Leiden I* (gloss paint on incised paper)
  4. *Leiden II* (gloss paint on incised paper)
  5. *Square I* (gloss paint on incised paper)
  6. *Square II* (gloss paint on incised paper)

*Nos 10 and 12 have not been hung but can be viewed

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