Aranda | 1998
lithograph | 57 x 76 cm

Montgomery has lectured at Edinburgh College of Art since 1997, and is currently Vice-President of the RSW (Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour). She has won major awards and has exhibited widely throughout Scotland and beyond. Of her work she says: 'I am fascinated by metaphor, metamorphosis and memory, fragments containing elements of past life and cultures found in mythology, archaeology and fossilised forms. In particular the point of transition between one state of being and another where the essence of the objects' origins are being recreated within the new state.'

In 1992, Edward Gage (the Scotsman) wrote of her work: 'With a visual poetry strong in metaphysical qualities, she has magic enough to make dry bones live: something she does by imaginatively researching and giving contemporary relevance to the study of geology, archaeology and mythology... there could be no better reminder that myths are not the lies of ancient ignorance but poetic versions of the truth.'

New Hall Art Collection.