Klecksographie Series - Cinderella
Klecksographie Series - Cinderella | 1999
lithograph with chine-colle transfers

Lamb was for twenty years and until recently acting Head of Printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art. She is recognised as one of Britain's finest printmakers, and her pre-eminence in lithography leads to exhibitions world-wide. This print was first shown in her exhibition Delta (Glasgow Print Studio, December 1999) which was both a tribute to her dress-maker mother, and an exploration of memory and childhood. Klecksographie (the term derives from a children's game, 'blotto') is a series of highly sophisticated works which use the theory of the Rorschach inkblot test as a starting point. ('Lamb delights in toying with the convictions of the pseudo-scientific.' -- Adele Patrick)

The multiplicity of meaning of the word delta is reflected in the multi-layered processes involved in the creation of a garment, or a lithographic print. Of this work she says: 'The technique is stone lithography in the main. I have added text from a photolitho plate and additions of chine-colle - a method in which Japanese silk tissue paper is collaged to the print paper. In this instance I printed up some images from stones belonging to Blackie's the old publishing company, which had 1930s images on them. I then collaged these to the existing print. There are approximately six colours on the lithograph and I have hand-dusted one image (shoe) with gold powder.'

New Hall Art Collection.