Implements in their places
Implements in their places | 1998
etching on hand-made paper | 53 x 73.5 cm

Parry's ability to translate form -- whether in prints or by using her own paper as a vehicle for sculptural thought -- has never been in doubt. She has ravished our sensibilities. A recent publication from The Paper Workshop (established 1986) : Jacki Parry, Ways of Editing contaiins accounts of her work by Katy Deepwell and John Calcutt. Implements in their places belongs to this ongoing enquiry. Shreds of computer paper are caught and embedded in the paper pulp, and are held in the finished paper like calligraphic marks. The etched plates carriy an additional set of marks, and images of tools which she has sculpted in paper. In combination, paper and plates create a richly-textured and allusive work which operates on many levels. It is, she says, a text without words.

Parry has been Head of Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art since 1991.

New Hall Art Collection.

This work features in the BLACK : WHITE exhibition.