Still Lives and Cardinal Glimpses : New Prints
14 June - 29 June 2003

Artist's Statement

Still Lives began both as a continuation of Appositions and an honest look at Morandi's careful placing of objects in his still-lives. They refer more directly to a subject matter than previous pieces although there are no particular jugs or ornaments represented; abstract elements still create the feeling of the presence of objects in space, which is what I really want.

Cardinal Glimpses depart more radically from the formal stillness of Appositions. The repetition of the square across the picture plane becomes an illegible scribble of the small outlines of squares which end in tiny glimpses of colour. The marks around them are equally irrational, hand-drawn traces of crayon or pencil. The timeless quality of pencil marks is perhaps the common denominator of the series; one I continue to find especially moving.

Jo Ganter

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