Michael CRAIK

Michael was born in Edinburgh in 1972. He studied _Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art_ in Aberdeen, and followed this with an MA in European Fine Art in Barcelona. He has received a _Scottish Arts Council Creative Development Award_ and an _Arts Trust of Scotland Award_. He is represented in many public collections, including the _Fleming Collection_, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Mastercard. He currently works in Kinghorn (Fife) in a studio overlooking the Firth of Forth. He exhibits frequently in Europe – Sweden, Italy and Germany, in 2018, as well as Edinburgh (_&Gallery_), Hawick (_Zembla_) and here in Glasgow.

Michael’s watercolour paintings are produced by overlaying several washes of paint, to create densely pigmented blocks of colour. The paper is then submerged into water, creating translucent veils of colour that flow across the surface of the paper. His acrylic paintings on aluminium explore repetition and the interplay of colour.

'The application and removal of paint is a process that features throughout my practice, representing the passage of time and alluding to the forces of erosion that form our landscape. My aim is to create contemplative, minimal paintings where the elemental qualities of paint are allowed to dictate the appearance of each work.'


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