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Lewis Sketchbook Image 7


1945Born Perthshire
1963-68Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee
1972-82Lecturer in sculpture, Nene College, Northampton
1982-90Lecturer in sculpture, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen
1984Elected Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy
1991Essex Fine Art Scholarship
1992Wingate Scholarship
1992-98Visiting lecturer Edinburgh University; Glasgow School of Art; Grays School of Art, Aberdeen; Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee
2001Ballinglen Art Foundation Scholarship, Mayo, Ireland
2002Gozo Contemporary Residency, Malta
2003Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dalsasen Residency, Norway

One Man Exhibitions

1969New 57 Gallery, Edinburgh
1975Northampton Art Gallery
1977Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
1978Air Gallery, London
1981Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Huntly
1982Spectro Arts Workshop, Newcastle
Compass Gallery, Glasgow
1984Artspace, Aberdeen
1986Third Eye Centre, Glasgow
1989Artsite, Bath
Crawford Art Centre, St. Andrews
1990Woodlands Gallery, Blackheath
Aberdeen Art Gallery
1992Peacock Printmakers, Aberdeen
Chelmsford Cathedral Festival
1995Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
Perth Museum and Art Gallery
1996Joan Hughson Gallery, Glasgow
2000Pentagon Centre, Glasgow
2002Foyer, Aberdeen
The Weem, Pittenweem
2003John David Mooney Foundation, Chicago
2004Frames Gallery, Perth
2006Friends' Gallery, RSA
2006Mackintosh Gallery, Glasgow School of Art

Selected Group Exhibitions

1977On Site, Arnolfini, Bristol
1979-80British Art Show, Arts Council of Great Britain touring exhibition
1980Nature As Material, Arts Council of Great Britain touring exhibition
1981Art and the Sea, touring exhibition
1981-85Scottish Sculpture Open, Kildrummy Castle, Aberdeenshire
1983Built in Scotland, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, touring exhibition
Views and Horizons, Yorkshire Sculpture Park
1984Graeme Murray Gallery at the Serpentine, Serpentine Gallery, London
1985Attitudes, Guildhall Gallery, Northampton
The Art of Thinking, Artspace, Aberdeen
1986Landscape Sculpture, Axiom Gallery, Cheltenham
The Unpainted Landscape, Scottish Arts Council touring exhibition
1988Collegium Artisticum Sculpture Symposium, Sarajevo
New Sculpture in Scotland, Cramond Sculpture Park, Edinburgh
Glasgow Garden Festival
1989Natural Art, McManus Galleries, Dundee
Scottish Art Since 1900, National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh and the Barbican, London
Scottish Connection, Cramond Sculpture Park, Edinburgh and Feeringbury Manor, Essex
4 on Tour, Scottish Arts Council touring exhibition
1991Virtue and Vision, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Scottish Art in the 20th Century, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
1993Scottish Sculpture Open 7, invited artist
Galerije Grada, Zagreb
1994Manoa Art Gallery, university of Hawaii, touring exhibition
Scandex, touring exhibition
9 Scottish Scupltors, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh Festival
1995Celtic Connections, International Concert Hall, Glasgow and the Seagate Centre, Dundee
Taking Form, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
1996Chelsea Harbour Sculpture '96
Catch The Moments As They Fly, Gracefield, Dumfries
We Got Rhythm, Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow
Peacock 21, Aberdeen Art Gallery
1997A Scottish Collection, Berwick Gymnasium Gallery
Scottish Sculpture Open, Kildrummy Castle, Aberdeenshire
1998The Big Picture Show, City Art Centre, Edinburgh
Transistors, Morioko Hashimoto Museum of Art, Japan
1999Transistors, Royal Museum, Edinburgh
Trondheim Biennalen, Norway
Festival Exhibition, RSA Edinburgh
Artpark, House For An Art Lover, Glasgow
Expressions: Scottish Art 1976-1989, Aberdeen Art Gallery, McManus and DCA, Dundee
Sculpture, an Abbey and a Cathedral, Gloucester Cathedral and Malmesbury Abbey
Connections 2000, Festival Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh
RGI Glasgow, invited artist
Sum of Parts, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
2000The Road To Meikle Seggie, City Art Centre, Edinburgh and The Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston-Upon-Thames
2001Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
2002Beyond Conflict, Richard Demarco, Edinburgh
Richmond Hill Gallery, Richmond
Bridge Gallery, Dublin
Arandean Gallery, London
Anderson Gallery, Oxford
2006Parallel Paths, RSA - 2 person with Ronald Forbes


1967RSA Andrew Carnegie Travelling Scholarship
RSA Benno Schotz Prize
1969Greenshields Foundation Fellowship
1970RSA Latimer Award
1977Arts Council of Great Britain Award
1979East Midlands Arts Award
1989Scottish Arts Council Bursary
1997-98Scottish Arts Council - Visual Artists Award
2001RSA Gillies Award
2004Scottish Arts Council - Creative Scotland Award


1987Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow
1988City of Dundee
Woodland Trust, Cambridgeshire
1989Mobil UK Headquarters, Aberdeen
Peterborough Development Corporation
1990Atlantic House, Cardiff
Kirkcaldy District Council
Black Country Development Corporation, Birmingham
1991Glasgow Milestone, Drumchapel
Essex County Council, University of Essex
1993University of Glamorgan
1994Staffordshire County Council
Kent County Council
1995Kyle and Carrick District Council
Perthshire Public Art Trust
Tyrebagger Sculpture Project, Aberdeen
1996Carley Hill School, Sunderland
Sunderland Enterprise Park
Sustrans Scotland, Caldercrux
Dr Grays Hospital, Elgin
Motherwell District Council
1997Ben Lomond Memorial, Rowardennan
Western Access Route, Stirling, Central Regional Council
Galloway Forest Park, Forest Enterprise
Sunderland Enterprise Park
Scottish Equitable, Edinburgh
Hamilton Town Centre Redevelopment
1998Perth Sculpture Trail, Perthshire Public Art Trust
University of Abertay, Dundee
1999Dance Base, Edinburgh
Eastern and Western Gateways, Elgin
Gateway Commission, Castlemilk
2000Scottish Equitable, Edinburgh
2002Lemon Quay, Truro
Edinburgh C.C., Niddrie Mains
2003Fortrose Academy, Black Isle
2004River Tyne Oral Histories, Gateshead
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead
2005Quatercentenary Commemorative Sculpture, Glasgow C.C.
2006Western Approach, Dundee. Scottish Enterprise Tayside

Public Collections

Arts Council of Great Britain
Scottish Arts Council
Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum
Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow
Greenshields Foundation, Montreal
Worcester College of Education
King Alfred's College, Winchester
Perthshire Education Authority
Fife Education Authority
Peterborough Art Gallery
Essex County Council
BBC Scotland
Royal Scottish Academy Collection
Northampton Art Gallery
Kirkcaldy Art Gallery
Perth Art Gallery
The Scottish Office, Edinburgh
City of Edinburgh Council
The Ballinglen Archive, County Mayo
Scottish Hospitals Collection

Selected Works (104)

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The Lewis Suite 2 The Lewis Suite 3 The Lewis Suite 4 The Lewis Suite 5 The Lewis Suite 6 The Lewis Suite 7
The Lewis Suite 8 The Lewis Suite 9 Geography 3 Geography 3 Geography 3 Geography
Geography Geography Geography Geography Dmitri's teeth (suite 18) Fatwa (suite 8)
Gabby Hayes hits the reeperbahn (suite 19) Long Noun 2 Play Me Shaft Sky Diving at the Albany (suite 15) Snake
Zoo Jazz  (suite of 10) Zoo Jazz (suite 10) Zoo Jazz (suite 10) Zoo Jazz (suite 10) Zoo Jazz (suite 10) Zoo Jazz (suite 10)
Zoo Jazz (suite 10) - Apostles of the Head Figure in a landscape Tarangalila part 1 Tarangalila Part 2 Black Isle Odyssey (1 of 4) Eight Horizons
Fast Landscape no 2 Landsongs No 2 Rain Landsongs No 3, Moon Speaking in Tongues (14 of 18 hollow elm forms) Diaspora No 4 (31 forms) Nouns of Europe card
Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view
Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view
Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view
Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view
Nouns of Europe exhibition view Nouns of Europe exhibition view


In a sense, the individual pieces, formed with the hand of a craftsman and the eye of an artist, are a metaphor for Cocker's whole approach to creating sequences of work - each element is resolved in its own terms and yet performs a crucial and often pivotal role in relation to something outside itself. It is easy to overlook the understated panache that lies behind the manner in which Cocker can find magisterial balances of form, tone and - in his most recent pieces of wood construction - colour.

Neil Cameron, Chicago, 2003

Over the last ten years Doug Cocker has found his own individual voice where he can, when appropriate, use his distinctive sculptural expression to address important contemporary social experience. Like the work of the best of his peers, such as Cragg and Woodrow, Cocker's sculpture is political in the broadest sense of the word. By that I mean that it is not escapist, esoteric or purely aesthetic, but aims to raise awareness of the underlying contradictions in late Twentieth century capitalist society. For example, in an earlier work of the mid-eighties Beneath the Screaming Eagle, the ultimate symbol of material status and security - the house, is enclosed from above by an encirling barrier that throwes a protective, but ominously imprisoning shadow on all below. In this very powerful piece, Cocker echoes the dire warnings of Noam Chomsky that we put our trust in false gods to secure us from our worst nightmares, only to find that they heighten our sense of insecurity and further imprison us in our increased fearful state. Many of these works also have a strong satirical edge to them. For example, the artist employs bathos to underline the vacuousness of much political rhetoric - where the visual and the verbal mock each other. This is most acutely observed in one of Cocker's major works, State of the Nation, where hollow chauvinism in underlined by the unstable rocking-horse base on which the classical temple of social order and national pride is precariously placed.

Bill Hare, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, 1995

Drawing, for Cocker, is very close to the surrealist's practice of automatism, where the artist freely allows forms and images to body forth onto the page with little or no rational restraint or control. These spontaneous sketches are the testing ground where he rejects or begins to develop his ideas for possible sculptures. In the most convincing of Cocker's work this flexibility is continued right through to the finished piece and it's enigmatic title. The power of his most successful sculptures lies in their truly metamorhic nature, which keeps their shifting significance and allusive meaning continually open to interpretation.

Bill Hare, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, 1995

He caught, don't ask me how, but ponder on it, the weather, in boxes black, rich as deepest night. Here the spikes of the nail-sharp rain, the dangerous zigzagging of lightening hurtling across the sky, the fleet-of-foot wisp-thin clouds, the layered mystery of the changing river. Confined, yet they move. Colourless, yet the beech wood is riotous. Silent, yet they sing the landsongs.

Robin H Rodger, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, 1995