About The Hughson Gallery

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The Hughson Gallery dates from 1986, is managed by Joan Hughson (with technical support from Mark, Richard and Philip Hughson) and is the outcome of a number of years spent curating exhibitions independently. It operates privately and part-time, presenting an average of two exhibitions a year. It provides an alternative space to that of the commercial gallery, and in the past was used in conjunction with public venues and larger exhibitions.

Joan Hughson joined the art history department of Newcastle College of Art in 1968. From there she worked during the early seventies in Edinburgh with the Art Department of the Scottish Arts Council . She progressed to Glasgow and the archive of Glasgow University's Mackintosh Collection - and at the same time curated exhibitions (eg Mark Boyle, Journey to the Surface of the Earth, Kelvin Hall 1974; Stanley Spencer : War Artist on Clydeside, Third Eye Centre, 1975) and organised two sound poetry festivals with author and poet Tom Leonard.(1978 (Sound and Syntax) and 1984 (Poetsound)). She has served on the board of Third Eye Centre (1986 - 1990) and on the Council (as a member and as vice-president) of the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow.(1996 - 2005).

You can view a list of past exhibitions at Hughson Gallery.